eBay and PATREON

As of 2015 I am using eBay to sell new old stock images produced, typically, before 2010.  “Vintage” Starosta, as it were!  These images are most likely stereoviews (stereo cards), but can also include on occasion some stereo slides or anaglyph prints.

My eBay auctions can be found if you search for seller “Starosta.”  Please feel free to program yourself a search/favorite seller, and let eBay alert you to any auctions that I launch.

My new work going forwards and most erotic work I am promoting and selling through the website PATREON.   To be able to purchase my works through Patreon, you need to subscribe to my presence there, which costs a nominal monthly fee.  I offset the cost with artwork sent to you.  As a subscriber on Patreon, you receive notifications of sales, plus the latest information about my artmaking, technique, and philosophy, and you can engage me in conversation there.